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Ashley Whi_1_galaxy
Ashley Whitmore

• 27 weeks ago

Visualizing The Size And Scale Of Our World via all that is interesting #Infographic #Solar_System

Jupiter is the largest planet in Earth’s solar system and has 63 moons encircling it. The planet is a giant ball of gas and liquid.

Free Solar System Poster

video on relative sizes of planets and stars -- pretty cool!

Pluto is no longer a planet because it is one object of many in the Kuiper Belt. Planet requirements are: it has to be in orbit around the sun, have gravity to pull itself in a spherical shape and "cleared the neighborhood" of its orbit.

Mars (1864)

planet sizes compared.

Astronomy Print Solar System Planets Comparative Size by carambas

If This Doesn't Blow Your Mind, Nothing Will

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Thomas Wright, An original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe, 1750. Plate XXVI.

If this doesn't blow your mind, nothing will.
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