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Svetlana Rodriguez

Awesome. The heavens (outer space) is awesome.


Dream like space...

Elie M

Drift - music for deep space drifters (electronic, beats, chill, study vibes)

Stone Crystal Prism by MysticPrismStudio on Etsy

The Universe - Space

This was the background of some random website, but I thought it would make for a great quilt.

NGC 5189 Spiral Planetary Nebula en.wikipedia.org/...

universe for ever?

tumblr_mjxqnkmzLO1qcgr2to1_500.jpg (500×750)

Concept: Bryan Brunsell Phote Credits: Eyes, Suren Manvelyan. Nebulas, Hubble Site

Exploring Universe: A massive black hole hidden at the center of nearby galaxy, Centaurus A, feeds on a smaller galaxy in a spectacular collision. Smash It Up Credit: NASA/ESA/STScI / space.com

12. So, we know that Genesis was never intended to be a detailed scientific handbook, describing how God created the universe. It imparts a theological, not a scientific, message. (Imagine how confusing messages about gravity waves and dark matter might be to ancient Hebrew readers.)

Gorgeous color in the Milly Way and good beta on the photo

the universe
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