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Christian _1_galaxy
Christian Denis

• 1 year ago

This is in our universe only. Think about multiverse, the fact that the universes are actually digital (noise) at a quantum level, and that some of them occupy the same space (which may make no sense at first). We are learning that we are actually projections (in 3 D) of 2 D information (yes, "information" and "projections";). Amazing video ~ 6 minutes long


Pleiades Deep Field

Universe or Multiverse - Quantum Physics - Documentary

Universe Or Multiverse? - Documentary

Quantum Physics

Universe vs Multiverse Theory - No God Required

The Hubble Deep Field: These are not stars. These are galaxies. Each containing billions of stars. And each star has a collection of planets revolving around it, just like our own solar system. We forget all too often just how small we really are.


Our universe is AMAZING

The Universe - Space

Somewhere, within the quantum foam of existance, amongst the very building blocks of reality, there is a universe where you ... are Batman. Multiverse | universe | science

♥ The Universe
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