Fadime Ozd_2_galaxy

Fadime Ozd_2_galaxy
Fadime Ozdemir

• 16 weeks ago

The Nature is the best Artist...photo by Jack.Less via Flickr.

The Nature is the best Artist...photo by Niklas, ++NiklasPhotography++ via Flickr.

The Nature is the best Artist...Seastar by night86mare via Flickr.

Beautiful Places...Catedral de León, Spain, photo by Mariluz Rodriguez, Luciti via Flickr.

Abadnoned...Chateau Clochard, France, photo by Martino Zegwaard, Martino ~ NL via Flickr.


“The capacity for growth depends on one’s ability to internalize and to take personal responsibility. If we forever see our life as a problem caused by others, a problem to be "solved," then no change will occur.” ― James Hollis, The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife (photo By Antonio Mora)

Beautiful Places...Paris by CKSum via Flickr.

The Nature is the best Artist...Rain Forest, Borneo...photo by Nara Simhan.

monicaoldenburg: another day by nikaa on Flickr.

Shaper of Dreams by Robby Cavanaugh, Southern California (USA)

The Nature is the best Artist...Sunset on the Beach...photo by Vitaliy Sokol.

Caras Ionut Photomanipulation on the basis of my own photo. http://www.carasdesign.c...
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