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Jessica Bu_3_galaxy
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A Stunning Sky View - space


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// Messier 78

the region surrounding the reflection nebula Messier 78, just to the north of Orion’s belt

Messier 78, a reflection nebula in Orion

♥ I just love looking at M 42, the Orion Nebula. .. One of the most prominent emission nebulas visible to the naked eye and a good pair of binoculars.

Nebula See more space pics http://www.freecomputerd... Thank for viewing!

Messier 78 and Horsehead Nebula with FSQ-106ED and Reducer QE 0.73x December 2011 Light Version

The Witch Head is a favorite around Halloween and is located in the constellation Orion, near the bright star Rigel.

Rho Ophiuchi and Antares with FSQ-106ED and Reducer QE 0.73x April 2011 Saturation Elevated Light Version By hirocun

This is so incredibly beautiful!!!

~✤~ Nebula ~✤~ mais como e linda esa mae naturesa e um vedadeiro espetaculo. eu [email protected] muito. bonita esa mae naturesa ne eu adimiro muito,

~~Hubble reveals heart of Lagoon Nebula ~ faintly visible to the naked eye on dark nights as a small patch of grey in the heart of the Milky Way by NASA Goddard Photo and Video~~

When you realize, I mean REALLY realize, just how big space is the eyes just open very wide and the breath comes out of you until it's empty.
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