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Jose Lorenzo

• 33 weeks ago


Given the weekend to spend as a human, Seanán could not wait until Monday to escape the rushing madness of human time. He walked the forest all night longing to get back to the serenity of being a Sequoia.

The forest

Can't see the forest for the trees...

This magnificent image shows a hauntingly beautiful bristlecone pine captured against the stark majesty of the night sky. Captured at Patriarch Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, there aren't many organisms on earth older than this tree, which makes its juxtaposition with the stars seem particularly fitting.

Puzzlewood Forest | Ramble through the forests.: EdibleForest Endless trails and Adventures. Clean Water @Karen Sweet an Fine Beer an cheeses along the Path. Take the long way to Forever.. and the Shortcut Home!

The Black Forest, Germany

Beams of light through the forest.

Forest Trail, Plitvice, Croatia. This looks like it should be in a fairy tale book!

Forest!!! And that special smell that you only get in the forest...leaves..dirt..dampness..mmmmm....:-)

a definiate mustwalk to Ruissalo forest (in Turku area) to see these beautiful white and blue forest wild anemones to bloom every Spring


Forest of moss, Killarney National Park, Ireland
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