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beautiful moon


Solar Eclipse

▲▲ Guillaume Chapuis ▲▲

Black Moon


Lunar eclipse

Dante V

☻ Black ON Black ☻

Chloe Beausoliel


Total eclipse..., Kannyakumari, India, Jan 2010 (rotated) // ph. Harald Haugan

Total Solar Eclipse, Libya March 29th 2006 by eclipsechaser (Daniel Lynch) on Flickr

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Really wanna see this

Solar eclipse from the moon



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Meat-fare Sunday ... let us become contrite in heart, and confess our sins to the Lord, begging Him to forgive them, and promising not to offend Him any more through violation of His commandments. Then, let us be zealous to faithfully fulfil this promise ...

moon. vacationhomerenta... hummingbirdranch....

Glorious moonlight through flowering tree!
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