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Constellation Orion, the Hunter, and Sirius, the brightest star of the night sky, shine over Fischbacher Alpen, near Alpine village of Krieglach in Austria. The three brightest stars in this view (Sirius, Rigel at Orion's foot, and Betelgeuse at Orion's shoulder) form a large, prominent asterism known as the Winter Triangle.

This feels like the setting from my favorite book FROZEN FIRE by. Tim Bowler ! MUST READ.

"Our Cozy Corner of the Universe" by Tamas Ladanyi

Orion- My favorite constellation, home to my favorite star, and home to the most amazing thing I can see with the naked eye, the orion nebula :-)

Orion Nebula M43

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"Orion -- the constellation you see all winter long." the first constellation i was shiwn and taught about at about 4 years of age. By my dad. since then, has always been the second thing i look for each and every night. the first is the moon.

Orion over Turin - the small, fuzzy dot just below Orions belt is not a star, but a whole galaxy of stars

Orion's Belt ~ our constellation

Orion Nebula. Closest star forming region to the Sun.


The Orion Nebula in the 'Sword' of the constellation of Orion. This is one of my most favourite Nebulas and my Luv found this great photo of it for me. Orion is probably the most interesting constellation

the constellation Orion
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