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Michael H. Bigler

The Eye of God is Watching You...to Bless You and Bring You Good, not Harm. - (Helix Nebula - Credit: Cosmos)


The "Eye of God" Nebula or Helix Nebula in deep Space as seen from Hubble Space Telescope.

Luminous Unduly

Digital Art

Joseph Inocencio

this is called God's eye

Oliver Marc Ortiz

Helix Nebula Credit Cosmos: [ the golden eye ].

Luminous Unduly

Helix Nebula Eye Art

Helix Nebula..oh my sweet Lord, how SPECTACULAR is this..my heart says it is "the eye of God" wow!!

That one's always so incredible looking--it makes me want to float in it! --Pia (Eagle Nebula)

Insane! Helix nebula. I have heard this called ' the eye of God'

Helix Nebula, the Eye of God

The Helix Nebula i

Helix Nebula

Helix Nebula

Deep Space - Helix Nebula

Wonderful image of the Helix Nebula

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Heart nebula - Credit: NASA
Source URL: http://thedemon-hauntedworld.tumblr.com/image/97142016688
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