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♥ This is a real image taken by the robotic spacecraft Cassini of Saturn eclipsing the sun

[ #space ] [ #solarsystem ] #Saturn eclipsing the sun, an image taken by the #Cassini #spacecraft. ~Al. A.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has delivered a glorious view of Saturn, taken while the spacecraft was in Saturn's shadow.

eclipse from space





Most distant image of Earth. Taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft

The Cassini spacecraft took this view of Saturn’s moon Dione

UNEDITED actual photograph of Saturn. Taken by Cassini Orbiter.

The robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn recently drifted in the giant planet's shadow for about 12 hours and looked back toward the eclipsed Sun. Saturn's rings light up so much that new rings were discovered: Saturn's E ring, the ring created by the newly discovered ice-fountains of the moon Enceladus, and the outermost ring visible above. Far in the distance, visible on the image left just above the bright main rings, is the almost ignorable pale blue dot of Earth.
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