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Raditya Ar_6_galaxy
Raditya Ardianto

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galaxies-outer-space-stars-nebulas-outerspace-red-stars-image-huble-telescope-nasa.jpg (563×600)

Central area of the Milky Way galaxy, released by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory's Paranal Observatory in Chile. The photo shows 84 million stars in an image measuring 108,500×81,500, which contains nearly 9 billion pixels, and is actually a composite of thousands of individual photographs shot with the observatory's VISTA survey telescope.
M81 by Astro Steve
Andromeda in Infrared
Milky Way
The Omega Nebula in Sagittarius
A Tall Milky Way
Astronomy Print, 115 years old, COMET Rordame 1892, astronomical star chart map space 1897 astrology.
you are here.... there we are, on our space ship whizzing thru space, in our 'goldilocks' location... in an area where there aren't as many asteroids, etc whizzing around. Also, there's been plenty of time for other life to develop (we've only existed a very short time) and there's been time for a signal to be received. Have they just decided to not bother contacting anybody? or, did they have atom bombs too? It is worrisome, we don't receive any signals from anybody after all this time.....
Triangulum Galaxy
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