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Saturn's rings photographed by Voyager 2 via NASA

6/5/14 Goodnight fom Reid Weisman aboard the ISS.


Not a planet, just the tip of a ball point pen

Sepioteuthis squid. S)

Wispy Star Forming Region (W5)

Fish Scales

What it would look like if the other planets were as close to Earth as the moon is.

Nature's original art "...This agate slice is from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The agates occur in the same basalts as the amethyst geodes. This is a slice in its natural state. Many agates are dyed or treated to change their colors."

Huge Saturn Vortex Swirls in Stunning NASA Photos An amazing new photo from NASA's Cassini probe orbiting Saturn has sighted a monster storm raging on the ringed planet's north pole.

turquoise snake

Kele by Mike Monaghan

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