Shelby Pea_10_galaxy

Shelby Pea_10_galaxy
Shelby Peavey

#space #stars #nebula #colorful #universe #galaxy

Arielle Kelly

✯ Deep Space

Susan Ashley

The final frontier (if it were a black hole, no light would escape -- see star at top right of center)

Edrick Paguio

Black Hole ~ETs #blackhole #astronomy

Riyadh Trade

astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas Wow- so beautiful! Black hole.

Carrie Fostor

Black Hole? worm holes can drag stars and other light sources into the darkness of space

Tulip Nebula....incredible colors! Takes my breath away!

A Black hole spewing its energy deep into space. Its called a gamma ray burst. Awesome. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be proud...

LAST GASP: The swirling disk of matter falling into a black hole radiates intensely and shoots high-speed bursts of plasma back into the galaxy. How Black Holes Shape the Galaxies, Stars and Planets around Them: Scientific American

Infant Stars. This is the sort of art I want near my bed in my dream home. It would be amazing to cover the ceiling in it.

~~Hubble reveals heart of Lagoon Nebula ~ faintly visible to the naked eye on dark nights as a small patch of grey in the heart of the Milky Way by NASA Goddard Photo and Video~~

Physics is the best kind of science because you don't have to grow up and stop being enthralled by all the cool stuff out there. Child-like wonder is the best tool in the scientist's arsenal.

Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits (NASA, Chandra, 6/18/08) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, via Flickr

deep space photography //

This composite NASA image of the spiral galaxy M81, located about 12 million light years away

How amazing is God?! This is a picture from space.

#Stars and #Space images from the #Hubble telescope.

black hole? wonder why I thought a black hole would be "black" and a "hole". . . thus you couldn't see it?
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