gumiho pyu_2_galaxy

gumiho pyu_2_galaxy
gumiho pyul

Cosmos image via tumblr. #stars #night

Katie Stryker

starry night

Sofie Jane

looking up at the stars at night

Emmalyn Jane

night sky

Nicholas Dawson

Staring to the Sagittarius region during a clear summer night is always a moving experience. Naked eye cannot count the stars. But a good pair of binoculars is enough to literally lose one's reason and begin a floating travel into the deep space. This is the thickest part of our galaxy, its core. This film, Fujichrome 1600, has been exposed for 17 minutes. Optic used is a 24 mm. Guided on equatorial mount.


✯✯✯Outer Space -n- shit!!✯✯✯

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The final frontier (if it were a black hole, no light would escape -- see star at top right of center)

Looking upon the cosmos.

Watching the stars - milky way, sunset by Dariusz_Lakomy

You are literally the power of the Kosmos repeating itself. What patterns do you choose to empower?

Cosmos - God's Art <---- One of his greatest masterpieces!

Fantastic World - the cosmos ~~ For more: - ✯

Why can't I be good enough? I've lost everything that I care about.. Can someone send me to space where I can be alone the rest of my life? Cause honest that's what I feel like I deserve..

This is what we become when we die. This is the stuff we're made of. This is incredible.

Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: For Android:

Milky Way Path by Nuno Serrão: Taken with a Canon 500D, with Tokina 11-16 F2.8, 30sec exposure, lightroom for colour adjustment. #Photography #Stars #Milky_Way

The Eye of Cosmos
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    Recent estimates of the number of galaxies in the observable universe range from 200 billion (2×1011)[7] to 2 trillion (2×1012) or more,[8][9] containing more stars than all the grains of sand on planet Earth.

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    A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.[1][2] The word galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), literally "milky", a reference to the Milky Way. Galaxies range in size from dwarfs with just a few billion (109) stars to giants with one hundred trillion (1014) stars,[3] each orbiting its galaxy's center of mass. Galaxies are categorized according to their visual morphology as elliptical,[4] spiral and irregular.[5] Many galaxies are thought to have black holes at their active centers.

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    There's excellence on each level—effortlessness and normality
    even a sort of elegance—from the littlest sub-nuclear particles to the biggest groups of universes. The universe is a showstopper.

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