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meen mhoy

• 29 weeks ago

Eye of the Cosmos taken from the Hubble Telescope

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Windom Spivey

• 17 hours ago

Hey God. Didn't know you had such unfathomable eyes.

#stars #moon #universe #milky way #black hole #space #quasar #light echo #light #Big bang

The dust band around the perimeter of the nucleus of the Black Eye galaxy (M64), from the Hubble site.

Helix Nebula, Eye of God. Hubble shot.

Drew Brees - "I've never seen a pic like this. The eye of Hurricane Isaac" (August 31, 2012)

Our entire solar system in this little dot of the Milky Way galaxy. There are around 300,000,000,000 stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Each star having possibly one or more planets in orbit.

Eyes in the Sky

#stars #moon #universe #milky way #black hole #space #quasar #light echo #light #Big bang

Wings of a Butterfly Nebula Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA - Processing: Judy Schmidt

Butterfly Planetary Nebula M2-9 - photo from the Hubble Legacy Archive

Interacting Galaxies Arp 273 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope: The larger of the spiral galaxies, known as UGC 1810, has a disk that is distorted into a rose-like shape by the gravitational tidal pull of the companion galaxy below it, known as UGC 1813. #Arp_273 #Hubble_Space_Telescope

Eye see you!

This image of the coil-shaped Helix Nebula (also known as "The Eye of God";) is a composite of images from the Hubble Space Telescope and from the Mosaic Camera on the National Science Foundation's 0.9-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Ariz.
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