Katya Beis_10_galaxy

Katya Beis_10_galaxy
Katya Beisel

antique star chart for Niki.

Alex Potrivaev

antique Constellation star map circa 1900s vintage map of stars visible in Britain Astronomy star chart blue white

Vintage Astronomy Star Constellation Map 1 and 2 - 1946 Textbook Page via Etsy

Shooting Stars & Meteor Showers in the MV sky last night http://www.nomad-chic.co...

Antique (1892) lithograph print - Star Constellation Signs - Pleiades - Cancer - Astronomy - folio size

Star maps Antique Celestial circles, Astronomical Charts

1865 antique constellation chart print, original vintage star map plate, sky heavens cosmos engraving, astronomy astrology map illustration....

Star map photograph constellations Greek mythology by diemdesign, $12.00

1950s Original Stars & Constellations Maps Hemispheres Vintage Astronomy Astrology Prints

Let's Take A Closer Look by GenkiGenki, via Flickr

this is an ORIGINAL antique print from london c. 1910

it is an original colour lithograph depicting the starry skies

it featuring the constellations of hydra, virgo, serpens, scorpio, and many other major and minor ones
on the bottom right there is a star size chart to aid in identifying the stars depicted

published by the london geographical institute
Source URL: http://www.etsy.com/listing/121495706/antique-constellation-star-map-circa?utm_source=OpenGraph&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share
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